Counter-Strike 1.6 Download.

Counter Strike 1.6 Download

* Setti and Steam MasterServer fully working serverbrowser with favorites
* Game realase, V43, Build 4554.
* Protocol 48 newest version
* Emulator REVOLUTiON 9.81
* Fixed bug with sv_lan 0
* In LAN mode added option to launch listen server
* Added zBots in this realase
* Removed all Half-Life maps
* Fully working HLTV
* Added more cs maps
* Fast CS DOWNLOAD from our website

Information About Counter Strike

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most popular online shooter game for PC, founded in 2000 by Valve. The game is notable in that it can play with bots on the internet. You can download CS 1.6 games on the internet for free without registration. The game supports full multiplayer mode. Fighting with rivals on a server that is your distribution, you are taking part in the most unusual combat situations. For those who have the game on the internet is not available, he can fight with bots. Bots have difficulty setting, you can choose the appropriate level of difficulty for you virtual opponents from easy - to professional. CS 1.6 is in no hurry to lose its popularity because of its affordability. First, you do not need to have a powerful computer to play in full. Simple enough processor with 128 MB of RAM. Second, download counter strike without problems. Download directly or through a torrent.

About the game CS

All players are divided into two teams - the terrorists and special forces. Team, in fact, do not differ from each other in functionality. They just have different skins and a slightly different arsenal of weapons. The game's plot may also vary. Maybe battle to the death, the destruction of the object of dynamite or the release of hostages. The plot depends on the maps, which can be downloaded from the Internet.

CS Maps Download

Download updated or standard maps and install them is easy even for the average user. Enough to be able to use a computer, no more, everything else can be found in the instructions. In addition to maps, of course, you can find a lot more modifications for Counter Strike 1.6, including player models and weapons. But the cards, as the foundation and basis of any battle, play a big difference. The variety of maps will play a big role in the future to attract more and more professional players on your server, or simply boost your level in single player with bots due to practice in the new territories, still unexplored.

What is CS server ?

CS game server is a specialized software element of a computer system that enables communication between multiple clients, ensuring interoperability with each other within the game Counter Strike. Advanced gaming servers are not divided according to regional feature. Accordingly, the player with the U.S. account can play on the server for each region of the world.

What is CS server monitoring?

Counter Strike server monitoring is a specialized portal, which provides for the possibility of finding the most suitable for a particular user servers of counter strike. It is not confined to a particular state or language group. By monitoring the players can go on servers CS , by, for example, in England or Spain. Its main purpose is considered to be found in one place all the most popular and advanced game servers Counter Strike. Such portals are considered to be quite comfortable, especially for those who appreciate their own personal time, because of these sites to find acceptable for themselves the CS was pretty problematic.

How does monitoring CS server?

Monitoring server CS operates as follows. On its main page, are quite different Counter Strike servers. In the specialized table have all necessary information - the server name, rating, maps name, address, and number of players at a specific time. Special attention is given by the fact that the servers are continuously rated at a high level, for it must always vote players. Vote for a specific server is incredibly easy. Here it is enough just one touch of a button. Such a system is required to ensure that players have an idea as to what they choose. In addition, monitoring server allows to sort the information according to the specific request. In particular, you can find the best servers, where they play on a particular map. After receiving all the necessary information, the user can take advantage of location and start playing. Naturally, the player will have to start to run Counter Strike. In that situation, if the game on a particular server like the user, it is encouraged to vote for him. Because the more effective promotion of a particular server will be Counter Strike, the more interesting and the players will join him. If the promotion of the server performed sluggishly or not conducted at all, then this server will not be able to get serious users.